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Groove Networks Announces Plans to Make Microsoft Visual Studio .NET the Recommended Tool for Groove Developers

Immediate support for Windows Forms and future add-in module will significantly enhance the productivity of Groove developers

BEVERLY, Mass. - February 13, 2002
Groove Networks™ Inc., the leading provider of decentralized software for secure business collaboration, today announced plans to dramatically enhance the productivity of Groove® developers through its support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. In the first quarter of 2002, Groove Networks will ship the Groove Developer Pack that supports the use of Windows Forms for creating Groove tools and applications. Later this year, the company will provide an add-in module for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that will further enhance productivity by making it easy for developers to create Groove tools and applications in this familiar, language-independent development environment.

Groove Networks is demonstrating its support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET at the VSLive! Developer Conference in San Francisco this week by highlighting custom Groove tools built as Windows Forms, and by demonstrating its add-in module for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The demonstration shows developers how they can extend the value of the applications they've built with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET by leveraging the unique peer services provided by the Groove platform. VSLive! attendees can see firsthand Groove Networks' support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET at the Microsoft and Intel [106-108] booths from Feb. 13-15.

"Today, the text-based approach to developing tools and applications for Groove is just too cumbersome for most developers. With our support for Windows Forms, and the development of our Groove Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET later this year, we will cut the time it takes developers to build Groove tools or applications by 75 percent, or more. The difference will be that dramatic," said Jack Ozzie, Groove Networks' vice president of developer services. "In the short term, the message is quite simple: If you use Windows Forms to build applications today, then you can develop tools and applications for Groove as well," Ozzie continued. "Moreover, the .NET applications you build can automatically inherit the people-to-people peer services that the Groove platform uniquely provides."

"The integration of Groove Networks' Developer Toolkit with Visual Studio .NET is an exciting development for developers building collaborative applications," said Marie Huwe, general manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "We're thrilled to have Groove Networks as a new Visual Studio .NET Integration Program member, further enhancing the delivery of tools and services to our mutual customers."

Phased Support
With the first phase of Groove Networks' support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, developers will be able to create Windows Forms applications and components with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, leverage Groove peer services from any language supported by the Microsoft .NET platform, and then deploy their application as a custom Groove tool. In the second phase, developers will be able to create and test custom Groove applications without having to leave the familiar environment of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. With the Groove Toolkit for Visual Studio .NET, developers will be able to use any of the languages supported by the Microsoft .NET platform, including Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET. In both phases, developers will be able to create applications that can inherit the unique services of the Groove platform, including automatic firewall traversal, end-to-end security, and continuous data synchronization.

"Groove Networks' support for Visual Studio .NET will make life for developers much easier," said Tim Knip, chief technology officer of Suite75, a firm in the Netherlands that develops solutions for the construction industry. "The power of this new development environment shouldn't be underestimated. It will simplify Groove tool development considerably."

"The introduction of Groove development tools within Visual Studio .NET will significantly enhance Groove developer productivity," said S.B. Chatterjee, a senior consultant with KeyTech, LLC of Hartford, CT. "For example, using the corporate data warehouse as a source, a developer can help accelerate the flow of information within a company by developing customized Groove collaborative applications. This could be very significant for enterprise application development."

Developer Resources
Also available today are enhanced resources that enable developers to create applications and solutions for the Groove decentralized computing platform. Groove developers can visit the Groove DevZone ( to download the latest Groove Development Kit (GDK) and API references for the Groove client and platform. The new GDK features additional documentation, code samples and enhanced utilities, as well as Groove-specific development tools such as Groove's Tool Creator and Tool Publisher.

About Groove Networks
Founded in October 1997 and headquartered in Beverly, Mass., Groove Networks Inc. provides software and services that enable organizations to extend critical business processes, projects, and meetings across time, space, and organizational boundaries. For more information about Groove Networks, visit

Groove Networks and Groove are trademarks of Groove Networks Inc. All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.





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