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CASE - Computer-Aided Software Engineering

Many definitions and descriptions of CASE exist. We choose a broad definition, perhaps the most straightforward one possible:

CASE is the use of computer-based support in the software development process.

This definition includes all kinds of computer-based support for any of the managerial, administrative, or technical aspects of any part of a software project.

What Is a CASE Tool?

Since the early days of writing software, there has been an awareness of the need for automated tools to help the software developer. Initially the concentration was on program support tools such as translators, compilers, assemblers, macro processors, and linkers and loaders. However, as computers became more powerful and the software that ran on them grew larger and more complex, the range of support tools began to expand. In particular, the use of interactive time-sharing systems for software development encouraged the development of program editors, debuggers, code analyzers, and program-pretty printers.

[more info: Carnegie Mellon - Software Engineering Institute]









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