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Event Tree Analysis - ETA

An event tree is a visual representation of all the events which can occur in a system. As the number of events increases, the picture fans out like the branches of a tree.
Event trees can be used to analyze systems in which all components are continuously operating, or for systems in which some or all of the components are in standby mode – those that involve sequential operational logic and switching. The starting point (referred to as the initiating event) disrupts normal system operation. The event tree displays the sequences of events involving success and/or failure of the system components.
In the case of standby systems and in particular, safety and mission-oriented systems, the event tree is used to identify the various possible outcomes of the system following a given initiating event which is generally an unsatisfactory operating event or situation. In the case of continuously operated systems, these events can occur (i.e., components can fail) in any arbitrary order. In the event tree analysis, the components can be considered in any order since they do not operate chronologically with respect to each other.

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